Vigyassa 2021- Interschool Competition – SCHOOL AWARD

Vigyassa 2021- Interschool Competition – SSRVM MULUND AWARDInterschool Science Fest

“Just give them the wings and they will fly.”
SriSrians did not only fly but soared high, proving that a mind that is nurtured and fed with the wonders of the world can do wonders itself.
Coming out with flying colours our SriSrians emerged victorious in many events at the Vigyassa Interschool Competition conducted by SSRVM Borivali.
By Gurudev’s blessings the students brought accolades to SSRVM MULUND .

School is awarded with the certificate for showcasing great talent and outstanding performance in Vigyasa 2021.

Congratulations Team! May your wings take you to the pinnacle of success where we can plant our School’s flag to wave proudly.
Rudranksh Guha – Class I – 2nd place for the Role play
Anagha Karthik – Class II – 1st place for Junior Water Hero
Avika Mody – Class IV – 1st Place in Monologue
Aadrita Shetty – Class III – 2nd Place in Monologue
Arjun Iyer – Class VII – 2nd Place in Science Connect
Yash Shah – Class X – 1st Place in Talent Mind Talk
Samik Kodoth – Class X – 1st place in I care