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Dussehra Celebration - 15th October, 2021

सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके । शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥ Salutations to the one who bestows on us everything that is auspicious! Navratri is the time for expression and transformation. Students expression  of celebration in the form of art and craft.
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National Post Day - 10th October, 2021

‘Letters aren’t alphabets or words on paper. It’s communication. It’s memory.’ And these memories are delivered to our loved ones by the selfless and endless work of the POSTAL DEPARTMENT. To appreciate their work and to know more about their services, children of Grade 3 and 4 built up their knowledge through the assembly they viewed on ‘THE NATIONAL POSTAL DAY’. Though in the modern times of technology, children realized that how important is the working of our Indian Postal Office. They realized that like the other professions, the relentless works of the Postman is not that easy. The hardships and struggle that they go through just to deliver our letters to our loved ones were discussed in the class. So, as the token of appreciation for their selfless work children of grade 3 and 4 wrote a gratitude letter for the Postman. Though the world may change and develop with many technologies, we still will need the devoted and selfless workers to keep the value of DEDICATION alive.
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Indian Air - Force Day - 8th October 2021

Touch the Sky with Glory Indian Air Force - Successfully overwhelming the adversies in aerospace, Defenders of the Nation With immense gratitude for the Air Force and Air Force personnel ‘Air Force Day’ was commemorated in SSRVM, Mulund with great zeal and fervour by the students of SSRVM. The students were introduced to the world of ‘when’ and ‘how’ of the Air Force, the different operations successfully accomplished and the significance of the motto of the Air Force. The achievements of the stalwart officers motivated the young minds to set their goals and look at choosing Air Force as a career in the years to come.
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Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations - 2nd October 2021

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony" said Gandhiji. 2nd October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti in India & “International World Peace Day” across the world. SSRVM School celebrated 151st birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation. Our children made wonderful drawings of Gandhiji, they sang Gandhiji's favorite song " Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, Patit Pavan Sita Ram" also stories and bhajan's were part of the Celebration. The focus of the Celebration was to imbibe the principles of life that Gandhiji advocated such as discipline, honesty, non- violence, faith and patience.
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Hindi Diwas - 14th September 2021

हिंदी भारत की सिर्फ एक भाषा ही नहीं बल्कि पहचान और सम्मान भी है।हिंदी दिवस के इस अवसर पर एकता की अनुपम परम्परा को जीवित रखने वाली जन,गण और मन की भाषा हिंदी का हृदय से अभिनंदन करते हुए श्री श्री रविशंकर विद्यामंदिर मुलुंड के छात्रों ने गीत,नाटक और मन की बात के माध्यम से हिंदी के प्रति अपना आभार प्रकट किया।
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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 10th September 2021

“Festivals give us reason to be happy and enjoy life.” Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. They are meant to rejoice special moments and emotions in our lives with our loved ones. Lord Ganesha who is the symbol of wisdom bestows his presence on Earth during this festival and removes the obstacles from the Earth, with such belief various activities at SSRVM, Mulund was organized through virtual mode. The celebrations began by sharing the history of Sarwajanik Ganpati utsav, after which children were taken on a virtual tour of famous Ganpati Pandals of Mumbai, chanting of Ganpati shlokas, learnt different names of Ganpati and tried their hands on making durva/ flower garland and Bappa’s idols from 5- star chocolates and shilpkar clay (murals).
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Teachers' Day Celebration - 5th September 2021

September 5 is the birth anniversary of a great teacher Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education and was a well-known diplomat, scholar, the 2 nd President of India and above all, a teacher. His birthday is celebrated as Teachers' Day as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society. In these tough times, our teachers have emerged as true warriors and have gone beyond their call for duty to empower and enlighten young Srisrians. Team SSRVM appreciates all that our teachers do. Happy Teachers' Day!

National Sports Day - 29th August 2021

National Sports Day is observed on 29th August to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. The primary objective of National Sports Day is to raise awareness about the value of sports and staying physically active. Sports teach us many life skills like team spirit and sportsmanship along with keeping us fit and mentally strong. Sports also teach us the importance of time management as well as to be disciplined in the life. It is all about not giving up the thirst to grow more and more, that takes a sportsperson to attain near-perfection performance. The pre-primary section of SSRVM celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children had dressed up as sports personality they played different games and also did art and craft activity based on the games. an informative video on Major Dhyan Chand was shown to the students on 27th August 2021 which included information on the KHELO INDIA and the FIT INDIA MOVEMENT along with various awards presented on this day. Students congratulated all our sportspersons who made India proud at the recent Tokyo Olympics 2020 and wished good luck to our Indian Paralympians participating at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020.

Janmashtami Celebration 2021 -31st August 2021

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन। मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥ २-४७ One must work without worrying about the results. Hard work and smart work definitely yield good results automatically. Lord Krishna’s life has yielded many life lessons to all of us. From the time he was born to the end of his days, it’s rife with anecdotes that taught us the right way to live, the right way to conduct ourselves and the right way to deal with challenging situations we face. SSRVM, Mulund, imparted the above words of wisdom to the little Srisrians during the Janmashtami celebration urging the students to do their best without expecting any results.
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World Sanskrit Day - 22-08-2021

विना संस्कृतं नैव जीवनम् | Sanskrit is the most ancient language in the world and our Indian culture is bounded by Sanskrit language. Thus, conservation and protection of Sanskrit as a language and as a culture is our utmost priority.            World Sanskrit Day is celebrated on Shravan Pournima.  On the account of  ‘’WORLD SANSKRIT DAY’’ our school  conducted activities to develop interest   among  the  students. Students and teachers gathered on a virtual platform and contributed for the event.
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Rakshabandhan Celebrations - 22-08-2021

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. They are meant to rejoice in special moments and emotions in our lives with our loved ones. Festivals play an important role to add structure to our social lives and connect us with our families and background. 'Raksha Bandhan' or 'Rakhi' is a special occasion to celebrate the virtuous bond of love between a brother and a sister which is one of the deepest and noblest of all human emotions. To commemorate this festival, a presentation on Raksha Bandhan was shown and information was shared by the teachers. It is celebrated as ‘Nariyal Purnima’, by the Maharashtrians to honour their relationship with nature. The students tied a rakhi to a plant, thereby vowed to take care of nature and the environment. Truly, the festive occasions and the customs and rituals associated with it does hold our roots strongly, while the students spread their branches to grow.
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Onam Celebrations - 21-08-2021

Festivals are an integral part of India's rich cultural heritage and Onam is one of them. Onam is a harvest festival that falls in the month of August/September annually and it is celebrated across India and the world and is the main festival among Keralites. During this festival women wear white and gold saree called the kasavu saree. This festival marks the beginning of the new year for keralites. The aim of any festival is to spread joy and happiness everywhere. With this thought process the pre-primary section of SSRVM celebrated this festival with great enjoyment. Children had worn traditional clothes of Kerala, made a rangoli of flowers called pookalam. They also performed traditional dance form of Kerala also showed the traditional feasts of Kerala called sadya which is served on banana leaves during onam. The day was concluded by explaining the importance of this day.
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World Photography Day -19-08-2021

Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art. – Ansel Adams Photography Day is a day whereby we pay tribute to the incredible art form that is photography. There are those personal photos that we all love and cherish, but there are also photos that tell a story. They tell us about significant periods in time or enable us to learn more about the planet. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. SSRVM, MULUND recognises this art form and have urged the students to see the world through the lens. Here is a collection of clicks by the students of SSRVM.
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75th Independence Day Celebration - 15-08-2021

Freedom is a condition in which people have the opportunity to speak, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions, one of human basic needs that play a central role in social process, it leads to enhanced expressions of creativity and original thought, increased productivity, and an overall high quality of life. True independence is to learn to be responsible for every aspect of one’s life: one’s health, one’s career, yourself, if you truly want to be free. We, at SSRVM, Mulund celebrated the 75th Independence Day with utmost pride and patriotic fervour. Everyone saluted the tricolour with great reverence as it unfurled in the sky. The gamut of celebration included patriotic songs, speeches, cultural performance, role play and sports display. The celebration served as a reminder of all the virtues, pride, colourful history, cultural richness and diversity.
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International Friendship Day - Pre -Primary - 01-08-2021

International Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. Friendship is the most beautiful gift we can present to anyone. It is one which stays with a person forever. Pre-primary section of SSRVM celebrated this day as "buddy day" They did various activities like making magical star, 3d ice - cream cone, book mark and later all the children spoke about their best friends and sang songs too.Importance of having best friends in ones lives was also explained to the children.

Rimjhim Day - Pre- Primary - 29-07-2021

Rainy day brings joy and happiness in nature and the surroundings. It uplifts the mood of people by making the atmosphere calm and serene. Rainy day brings sigh of relief from hot weather and makes the atmosphere cooler and pleasant. Kids love to run in sprinklers and splash in fountains. Children like to go out in the rain and enjoy the raindrops falling on their head, the puddles to splash in and more. The pre-primary section of SSRVM conducted this day by giving the name as " Rhim Jhim day "they celebrated this day by creating artificial rain with the help of colander, puddle play, rain dance wearing rainy wear teachers explained the importance and also uses of rain water.

STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME - 24-07-2021 to 29-07-2021

"All the seven colors are part of one rainbow, yet they are all different. They have their own quality, their own identity, their own flavor to it. So it is a rainbow. The Divine loves diversity, that is why he made us all different." ~ Sri Sri Ravishankar ji Our school hosted this year's Students' Exchange Programme along with SSRVM, Karkala. The programme aimed at presenting and promoting it's state’s art, history, culture and diversity. Students of Grades 6 and 7 took over the reins of conducting these sessions for over five days covering the whole of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Every session was well planned with dance, drama, poetry and folk songs that sung glory and beauty of the state of Maharashtra. It was an opportunity of pride and learning for students to be their state's ambassadors and highlight the greatness and holy culture of their land.

World Nature Conservation Day - 28-07-2021

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” – Confucius Keeping this intention in mind, SSRVM Mulund celebrated World Nature Conservation Day with great zest from 19th July to 28th July 2021. Tiny hands came together to make lamps reusing old bangles for decorative purposes, piggy banks reusing old plastic bottles, thus encouraging to generate less plastic waste and inculcating the habit of saving money; toys for themselves by using old socks and moulding old plastic bags in order to make DIY organisers. The main objective behind conducting these activities was to create awareness about the conservation of Nature. We, as a family, showed respect towards nature and promised to conserve our mother nature for a better tomorrow.
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Kargil Vijay Diwas - 26-07-2021

“We don’t know them all but we owe them all” This rightly stands correct when it comes to the soldiers of this great Nation. Today (July 26) marks the 22nd anniversary of the successful culmination of Operation Vijay against Pakistani infiltrators. The day is being observed as Kargil Vijay Diwas in the memory of soldiers who sacrificed their life in Kargil war.Accordingly SSRVM Mulund, Mumbai celebrated the day with the students. The objective of the celebration was to create awareness amongst the students about the significance of the Kargil war and to remember the Kargil war heroes Accordingly an informative video on the Kargil war, with students giving information and performing on the motivational and inspiring Kargil theme song was shown to the students across all classes from I to X. In the end, the students from all the classes expressed their respect towards the martyrs and soldiers of Kargil war by saluting them for their courageous act and for their determination to not let the flag of this nation down.
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Guru Purnima Celebrations - 24-06-2021

“Knowledge, movement, achievement, and freedom - These are the four aspects that one gains from having a Guru.” The above words of wisdom resonate in everyone’s minds when our pujya Guruji showed us the true meaning of a guru. SSRVM, Mulund, that was built on a Guru’s vision, reveres the day dedicated to worship and pay respect to all the gurus who transcends this world and beyond. On the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima Day, to show their faith and devotion the students created varied aspects of a guru that symbolises and epitomises the immortal souls. While the little ones paid respect to their first guru, their parents, who taught their first words and first steps towards the world the children from higher class created a digital painting of Guruji, made paduka, asana and decorated a thali to show their reverence to the soul and light of knowledge called a Guru.
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Ashadhi Ekadashi Celebration - 20-07-2021

In Maharashtra, vari means 'pilgrimage' and a pilgrim is called a varkari. Every year, varkari walk hundreds of miles to the holy town of Pandharpur, gathering on ekadashi (the 11th day) of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Aashaadha which falls in July. Varkari worship Vithoba (also known as Vitthal), the presiding deity of Pandharpur. Thousands of varkaris of different ages and castes, men and women from different parts of Maharashtra walk briskly leaving behind their homes and worries and singing and dancing Vitthal Abhangs. Pre-primary section of SSRVM celebrated this day with great devotion .Boys had dressed up as ' Vitthal' and girls has 'Rukamai' they also sang Abhangs and bhajans and danced on the tune of dholak and manjira .Importance of this day and story was shown to the children,The day was filled with great excitement and fun.

Family Day - Pre Primary (19-07-2021)

A sweet and secure feeling comes in mind when we think about family. Love is base of a happy family. Family day is celebrated all over the globe as a symbol of bond, love and strength. The tiny toddlers of Pre-primary section of SSRVM celebrated family day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Activities like making puppets with paper glass ,decorating the photo frame and puppet show was conducted .The day concluded by explaining the value and importance of the family.
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Twist A Tale Competition -Grade 1 and 2 (15-07-2021)

“A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age.” Brightening the day with wonderful, captivating stories a story telling session was conducted for grade 1 and 2 students on 15th July, 2021. Story-telling encourages students to explore their unique expressiveness and can heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate, lucid manner. It helps improve their language skills, instills a love of reading and stirs their imagination. A same story can be told in many ways and teach us different value every time. SSRVM MULUND challenged our young storytellers from Grades 1 and 2 to interpret stories with age pld wisdom which they are already familiar with and present these with different endings and morals. Students provided a unique insight and brought forth a nee perspective for each story they presented. Their use of storytelling aids and their presentation mesmerized the audience.
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Deter - Me - Not Competition - (13-07-2021)

Monoacting is a means of expression and a part of holistic growth of the children. Shakespeare rightly said ‘And one man in his time plays many parts,’ the students of Grades 3 and 4 took up this challenge of playing a different part, putting themselves in a different shoe and sharing their emotions to the world. Drama helps children to be self-reflective, collaborative, socially engaged and culturally aware citizen. SSRVM, Mulund provided a platform for these budding talents to explore their skills, interpret their emotions and communicate to the world. It was a treat to the eyes and ears as the students took the stage and put out an exemplary performance. We are pleased to announce the winners of the competition from Grade 3 and Grade 4.
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Pushtivardhanam Saptah - Van Mahotsav Week - (05-07-2021 to 09-07-2021)

‘To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art’ Owing to the pandemic situation, one needs to take extra care of one’s health and boost immunity. Pushti Vardhnam Saptah is an effort to inculcate in the students the correct eating habits for a healthy mind and body. Pushti Vardhanam Saptah was celebrated in SSRVM, Mulund with the intention of creating awareness among our children through informative power point presentations and hands-on activities. Van Mahotsav Week The students were taken on a Virtual Tour of jungle, underwater plants and animals. The importance of forest and marine life was also explained by the teachers. Students were encouraged to plant more herbs at home and water the plants they had planted. They were excited and happy to show their saplings to their teachers.

Doctor's Day ( 01-07-2021)

Only a doctor is blessed with the magical powers to treat a life and to be there when all the hopes are lost. As it rightly says, “medicines can cure diseases but only doctors can cure patients. The little geniuses of grade 1 took the initiative to show their gratitude to the medical fraternity through their assembly on Doctor’s Day. It was performed on the occasion of Doctor’s Day celebrated on July 1st. The children gave information about Doctor’s Day as introduction with a quick explanation of the different types of doctors. It was than followed by a lovely role play that expressed the importance of doctors. Towards the end of the assembly the children included an acrostic on doctors with a beautiful poem and melodious song on this ever-serving community. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude with their crisp and sublime assembly.
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World Music Day - 21st June 2021

“Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself.” When words fail, it is music that connects us to the hidden places of our soul. To create this beautiful connect, we, at SSRVM Mulund, celebrated the World Music Day by immersing ourselves in the seven basic ‘Swars’ or notes of music. Our students presented various vocal and instrumental music forms on the theme music at the intersection It was indeed a rhythmical ride packed with high and low notes of different forms of music. We started our journey with a ‘Gajjar of Lord Ganesha’, then moved to our party favourite ‘Happy Birthday’ song, next stop was the realm of Classical forms, not to be missed was Hollywood’s Harry Potter theme song and finally, it was a devotional bhajan. The pre- primary section of SSRVM celebrated this day by showcasing their talent in playing different instrumental music and singing non filmy songs. The musical experience was nothing short of the joys of heaven.

International Day of Yoga - 21st June 2021

‘Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.’ Keeping this intention in mind, we at SSRVM Mulund celebrated the 7th International Yoga Day with about 1500 participants in total. The tiny toddlers of our school celebrated this day with full energy and enthusiasm as children from Nursery and Jr kg performed different yoga asanas. The Sr kg children performed Suryanamaskara along with various other asanas under the guidance of their teachers. It was a visual treat to see the parents also joining in for the celebration with their kids. The students from Grades 1 to 10 performed a series of yogasanas on the virtual platform under the guidance of Girin Govind Ji, Dinesh Kashikar ji and Ms. Esha Buwa from the Art of Living Foundation. The teachers also showed great zeal and participated in the Yoga Day celebration by performing all the asanas with vitality and vigour and thus did justice to the theme of this year i.e., ‘Yoga for Wellness’, that focuses on practising Yoga for physical and mental wellbeing, especially at this time of pandemic. The experience was nothing short of sheer bliss.

Father's Day Celebration - 20th June 2021

Father's Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year. Like mother, 'father' is a any word, but the depth of this word is great. Father is the one who is the head of the family and the one on whom all the family members can rely. We consider all our fathers as our first superheroes, who teach us about good and evil. The pre- primary section of SSRVM celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The toddlers of Nursery section did the activity of magic painting on the cutout of a tie, Jr kg children made greeting cards for their fathers and Sr kg children made photo frames. They played different games and the day was concluded with music, dance and sharing of experiences by fathers.

National Reading Day - 19th June 2021

Our Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji says, “The sign of an intelligent person is that he spends his time in learning and mastering the arts, literature, and music and in discussing knowledge”. To facilitate this it becomes imperative to provide a non-judgemental platform to the students; where they read, share and discuss. To celebrate National Reading Day, our students were involved in the mass reading of any book of their choice from 11.00 a.m. to 11.10 a.m. It was amazing to see every child and every teacher immerse in the joy of reading. A culture of reading is what this activity had set its sight on!
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World No Tobacco Day - 29th May 2021

“Chewing and smoking tobacco is like paying someone to kill you. They are rich, you are dead”. To highlight the risks associated with tobacco use, the UN in 1987 initiated the World No Tobacco Day to be observed every year on May 31. To explain and understand the harmful effects of tobacco consumption to our students, a poster making activity was conducted in their art and craft class in the month of March’21. Impressive posters were made by the students that advertised the risks involved in chewing and smoking tobacco. A set of selected posters were published on school’s official Facebook page on May 31 for the purpose of public awareness.
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Mallakhamb Day 15th June 2021

मल्लखांबाला देऊन पुष्टी बळकट करू शरीरयष्टी , संकल्प करू या दिवशी , घडवूया मल्लखांबपटू देशी-विदेशी! श्री श्री रविशंकर विदया मंदिर , मुलुंड येथे आज दि. १५ जून २०२१ रोजी ५वा आंतरराष्ट्रीय मल्लखांब दिन साजरा करण्यात आला. इयत्ता तिसरी आणि आठवीच्या विद्यार्थी-विद्यार्थिंनींनी मल्लखांबाची माहिती देऊन मल्लखांबाच्या इतिहासाचे नाटयीकरण सादर केले.

Mothers’ Day - 9th May 2021

Every year, we celebrate the second Sunday of May as Mother's Day. A mother is the first teacher and the first friend of her children. She can discipline every gesture of her children since the time they are born. Celebrating Mother's Day for a day is not enough to thank every single mother in this world. No creature in this Universe can be as powerful as a mother!! The tiny toddlers of SSRVM through their small gestures showered love and care for their mother's by making greeting cards, singing songs and speaking about her unconditional love towards them.

World Environment Day - 5th June 2021

REIMAGINE. RECREATE. RESTORE. June 5, is designated for celebrating the World Environment Day. With the coronavirus pandemic going on for over a year, everything has taken a backseat. Being confined to their homes, the students of Classes I-X participated in activities and created informative videos on the sub-theme of 3R’s. We cannot turn back time. But we can grow trees, green our cities, rebuild our gardens, change our diets and focus on our mother earth for a bright future.

World Laughter Day - 2nd May 2021

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." ~ Charlie Chaplin Nothing works faster to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Best of all, this priceless medicine is fun, free, and easy to use. A special laughter therapy session was conducted by our PE teacher, Ms. Sabrina Pinto on World Laughter Day. The motto was to spread happiness and cheer. Keep smiling and make others happy! Happy World Laughter Day

Maharashtra Day 1st May 2021

1st May is celebrated as “Maharashtra Day” every year in India. Maharashtra is an Indian state located in its western part. Mumbai is the capital city of the state and Marathi is the native language of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is known for Chhatrapati Shivaji who stood against the Mughals who were ruling a large part of India. Maharashtra is full of colour, glory and grandeur. Maharashtra Day celebrates its formation and it's all over richness amongst all states of India. Maharashtra Day was celebrated in SSRVM with grandeur and splendour. The tiny toddlers of Pre- primary section displayed their talent, boys had dressed up as Shivaji Maharaj and girls looked beautiful in typical nav-vari saree and teachers emphasized on the importance of this day. A virtual tour of Maharashtra was organised by our teachers that depicted the importance of every city. The tour was an amalgamation of singing, dancing and giving us a glimpse of various dialects spoken in the cities of Maharashtra. There were also non-marathi teachers who shared their favourite thing about Maharashtra.

Pre-vacation party (Pre-primary) 30th April 2021

The last day before the long awaited summer vacation was a fantabulous day for the pre-primary kids. The teachers planned for three different themed parties for the Sr kg, Jr kg and nursery children. This fun day was celebrated with parents and children virtually on 30th April 2021 wherein our little rockstars of Sr kg were dressed as parents and our parents were dressed as children because it was a “Topsy Turvy World” themed party. The Jr kg kiddos attended the “Twinning Theme Party” arranged for both the parents and the children. The nursery children were invited to enjoy the “Hawaiian Day” where the parents and the children were dressed up in floral design outfits. Many exciting activities like games, making of sandwich and sherbet and dance were organised for the parents and children.

Beach Bash: SSRVM Family Party - 30th April 2021

Smell the sea Feel the breeze Hear the ocean Be at ease! A beach party is the best way to welcome the summers. The SSRVM family had organised a beach bash for the teaching and the non-teaching staff. It was rejuvenating and exuberating for everyone and they enjoyed themselves a lot. The party had fun games from changing the dialogues to your mother tongue, guessing the Hindi songs from the English lyrics, drawing your heart out and dancing till you got tired.

International Dance Day (29th April 2021)

Worldwide, International Dance Day is celebrated on 29th April. We, at SSRVM, Mulund also celebrated the day with amazing activities filled with dance. We had planned a complete virtual dance gala for our students where they got to see their friends performing global dance forms like Mexican, Twist, Ballet, Hawaiian and Knee dance. The program also laid emphasis on how dance is also known to be a therapeutic marvel. Our students interacted virtually with the school counsellor in order to understand the mental and physical benefits of dance and how one can become a dance therapist and use dance as a method of healing therapy. A big take away for our students in this year’s celebration was - dance is not just a mere artistic expression; it preserves cultural heritage and also heals. The entire celebration buzzed with entertainment, fun and learning through the creative art form of dance.

Manav Ekta Diwas - 28th April 2021

A day to celebrate universal brotherhood, to remember the sacrifices made to unite a nation, a day to create awareness that many hands together make a strong nation. Students of class 4 came together to propagate this message to their fellow schoolmates 'Ekta hi Shakti hai' through dance, song and skit. The importance of unity inbreeding in our mythology since the days of our epics continues to this day when our Gurudev called for the world to come under the umbrella of 'Vasudeiva Kutumbakkam'. The students highlighted this unity even in our fight against the pandemic, it is our unity that sustains every hopeful eye and a faithful heart that says a prayer. The message imparted through the assembly was clear, that unity is the need of the hour.

Investiture Ceremony - 27th April 2021

The investiture ceremony is one of the first momentous occasions of the school where the newly elected and selected members of the school’s senate are officially vested with their powers and positions. The investiture ceremony for the academic year 2021-22 was conducted online on 27th April 2021. The ceremony began with a spirit of unity and dynamism. The recitation of the school prayer was followed by the school song. The council is being led by the head boy and head girl working along with the sports captains, sports vice-captains, house captains, house vice-captains, junior head boy, junior head girl and junior house captains. In addition to this, the literary team, cultural team and the editorial team for the e-newsletter were announced too. The newly elected student council members pledged to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the institution while receiving their prestigious badge and sash. There were motivational speeches by the Principal, Head Boy, Head Girl, Jr Head Boy and Jr. Head Girl . The ceremony ended with the vote of thanks followed by the Nation anthem.

Hanuman Jayanti Celebration (Pre - primary) - 27th April 2021

Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of the great monkey god ' Hanuman'. It is celebrated all over India. It falls on the full moon of Chaitra month according to Hindu calendar. The tiny toddlers celebrated this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. Children chanted Hanuman doha with full devotion and showcased their creativity through drawings of lord Hanuman. Some children were also dressed up as Lord Hanuman and the teachers narrated stories of his wit and bravery.

World Book Day (23rd April 2021)

“ A Mind Needs Books as a Sword Needs a Whetstone, if it is to keep its edge”-George R.R. Martin. To celebrate the very nature of reading, World Book Day is marked every year on April 23rd by UNESCO. It is a day of celebrating the joy of reading for enjoyment. The day stresses on the importance of books which are repositories of cultures, tools for dialogue and source of wealth for many. On this occasion, the students of SSRVM Mulund engaged their minds with a lot of creative thinking activities like book jacket making, stick puppets, Zine booklet, Shakespearean chit-chat and many more fun-filled activities.

World Earth Day (22nd April 2021)

World Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22nd April. It is an annual event celebrated by people all across the world. The whole school came together to celebrate the magnanimity of Mother Earth through activities like watering plants at home, taking pledge to save earth, best out of the waste, paintings and drawings of earth, puppet shows for the pre-primary. Similarly, for the primary and secondary there were zillion activities like making bird feeders, making palm impressions with turmeric or kumkum paste, making eco-friendly gift wrappers, creating doodle art and Zine magazine and many more. It was amazing to see the earthly beings being so enthusiastically involved in activities on account of Earth day.

Cool Pool Day - Pre- Primary (21st April 2021)

One can't have more fun than playing with water on a hot day in a splash pool! Water play activities in young children strengthens motor skills, builds balance and coordination. The pre-primary section of SSRVM conducted "Cool Pool Day" wherein the tiny toddlers of Nursery, Jr kg, Sr, kg did different water play activities like pouring, filling, transferring of objects from one bowl to another with the help of foot and fork, squeezing, floating and sinking activity. All these activities were conducted under the guidance of teachers and parents. During the activity children were explained the importance of water and were asked to pour the water to the plants after the activity.
Devansh Doshi 2.jpg

World Heritage Day (18th April 2021)

The treasurers of our rich and varied heritage help us understand the significance of diversity of cultural heritage and preserve them for yourself and for generations to come. Let's vow to preserve our heritage, the priceless treasure of history, culture and that of our ancestors.

Reporting Live Competition (17th April 2021)

The ability to process new information, sensitivity towards various issues, an instinct for what people need and want to know and the ability to draw information through various techniques- this is what the competition planned to offer. The Virtual Reporting Live Competition was a much-awaited event among the secondary students of Classes IX and X. This event, conducted on 17th April 2021 helped the students learn that a new world of opportunities was awaiting them. They used various virtual backgrounds to showcase their confidence in going vocal on the latest issues around. Their curious attitude, alertness of mind and impartial nature made them the best in the business.

Yellow Day (16th April 2021)

Bumble Bee Day video-Jr kg Shine and Rise day - Sr Kg Mango Tango Day - Nursery Yellow is the colour of the sun, smiley faces and sunflowers. It's a happy, youthful colour, full of hope and positivity. Yellow colour is cool to the eyes and represents nature. Yellow is the colour of knowledge and learning. It symbolizes happiness, peace, meditation, competence and mental

Gudi Padwa, Ramnavmi, Ambedar Jayanti (16th April, 2021)

Students of grade 1 celebrated Gudi Padwa, Ramnavmi and Ambedkar Jayanti, giving out a message of embracing new beginnings and working hard to make your big dreams come true!

National Pet Day (11th April, 2021)

Pets give us unconditional love and care. Let us also reciprocate the same towards them.
Alisha Deshmukh.PNG

Utkarsha Yoga (7th to 10th April 2021)

Utkarsha yoga course - Students from class 3 ,4 and few from class 5,6 participated in the 4 day course which allowed and helped the students to channelize their energies and focus their super active mind into the right direction. Through ways of fun and activities and life learning stories students now know the secret to handle emotions in a better way. Students learnt Children's kriya and Yoga asanas, Pranayam, Mediation. Kriya has helped to build the students Immunity. Stress is an unwanted by product that gets accumulated in one's nervous system without our knowledge. Regular practise of the Kriya and Yoga asanas will help students get rid of the stress factor and help them deal situations with clarity in mind and dynamism in action.

World Health day 2021 (7th April 2021)

World Health Day is a global awareness day celebrated every year on 7th April, under the guidance of World Health Organization as well as other related organizationsto mark its inception at the First Health Assembly in 1948 and since taking effect in 1950. The objective of the celebration is to create awareness of a specific health theme to highlight a priority area of concern for the World Health Organization. To honour this day, students and teachers of SSRVM, Mulund observedWorld Health week starting from 5 th April to 9 th April, 2021 by conducting various planned activities across Grades 1 to 10 and promoting this year’s theme of “building a fairer, healthier world.” Students made amazing badges, highlighting this year’s theme with appropriate slogans. The badges were worn by the students throughout the week. To raise awareness about the importance of healthy diet, exercise and meditation for the overall health of the body, physical exercise session along with consuming healthy snacks and guided meditation by Guruji were conducted. Students also checked their health status through different techniques. A health quiz was played by Grades 8, 9 and 10 which had some interesting questions on WHO and health. Students of class 7 conducted an assembly, where they put forth a song in Sanskrit, Skit on the importance of eating healthy food, mesmerizing dance as a tribute to the health workers and a song on Corona. Students celebrated the entire week enthusiastically participating in various activities.
Class6-C_World Health Day_11.png

Medha Yoga (30th March to 3rd April 2021)

Medha yoga course - Students from class 7 ,8,and few from class 9 participated in the 4 day course which kept their energy levels high by involving them in life learnings through ways of fun and activities. They now know the secret to handle mind and emotions in a better way. Students learnt Medha Yoga Sudarshan kriya and Yoga asanas. Kriya has helped to build the students Immunity. Stress is an unwanted by product that gets accumulated in one's nervous system without our knowledge. Regular practise of the Kriya and Yoga asanas will help students get rid of the stress factor and help them deal situations with clarity in mind and dynamism in action.

Vidyarambham ceremony, 1st April 2021

It was the first day of school for the tiny tots of Nursery. The day began with the ritual of the Vidyarambham ceremony which is a celebration of knowledge. It's also known as Aksharabhyam for the children where they write OM on the rice plate as their first letter. Since Goddess Saraswati is considered to be the Goddess of Wisdom and knowledge, this ceremony is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati. During the ceremony parents and children joined hands and prayed together in their journey of learning. Children wrote OM 3 times on a plate of rice .While writing OM each child chanted OM 3 times while grandparents, parents helped their child write on the rice plate holding their right hand index finger. The ceremony concluded with lots of love and blessings to children.

Holi Celebration - 29th march 2021

Colours that signify fertility, prosperity and tranquility, a festival that transcends border into uniting people from all over the nation, a day marked to celebrate spring and also faith,Holi is not only a festival of colours, but a bringer of hope and faith. SSRVM, Mulund celebrated this colourful festival virtually for all the students with the same avidity as in the physical school. Students were shown the story of the festival in the tableau style and were advised to exchange colourful masks among the family. The little children were shown how to make organic colours at home while older ones were taught the marble art technique to understand the mixing and merging of colours that brings meaning to our lives.
WhatsApp Image 2021-03-26 at 12.54.44 PM.jpeg

World Poetry Day - 21st March 2021

Muriel Rukeyser opines, “Breathe-in experience, breathe-out poetry.” This is exactly what our young SriSrians did on the eve of World Poetry Day that is celebrated on 21st March 2021. This day aims to appreciate the sentiment that poetry can create, forming meaningful relationships and expand one’s mind about history and cultures. Children were exposed to a range of poetic forms and genres like shape poems, acrostic poems, limericks, haikus and modern poetry that finally resulted into a rhythmic creation of beauty. Let's appreciate the poet in them.

International Day of Happiness, 20th March 2021

The little Srisrians goes by our Pujya Gurudev ‘‘Joy is never tomorrow, it is always now’ . They share some of their happy moments in life as we celebrate International day of Happiness at SSRVM, Mulund. Happiness is not being successful or always victorious in everything we set foot on. It can be derived from simple pleasures of life like eating a chocolate or watching a buttery flit from flower to flower, singing a song or spending time with our loved ones. So be content in life for that's where happiness hides, in simple choices that we make.

Global Recycling Day, 18th March 2021

It's Global Recyclying Day today. Ever wonder What to recycle? Water bottles, cans, crayons, Paper, aluminum foil, And glass. Ever wonder Why recycle? To help the World Of course! Ever wonder Who can recycle? Everyone! Ever wonder Where to recycle? Everywhere! No matter what, where, who, And why, Just recycle, It’s worth a try! Together we can save the planet. Meet our Recycling Heroes!
_b_332a8f_9_id2Ud018svc1ivmxjwgztv69_bbr2ia (1).jpg

National Science Day - 28th Feb 2021

NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY (2020-21) National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28 February each year to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by eminent Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on 28 February 1928. The objective of the celebration of National Science Day is To spread a message about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life of the people, To give an opportunity to the scientific minded citizens in the country and encourage the people as well as popularize the Science and Technology. Keeping the theme for the National Science Day in mind for the year 2021 (‘Future of STI: Impact on Education Skills and Work') the students of SSRVM, Mulund,tried their hands in lot of thought-provoking experiments. The sprightly sprigs of classes 1& 2 performed Dancing raisins which taught them how the gas molecules attach to the raisins and affect their movement. While class 3 created Ocean in the bottle learning about the density as they enjoyed the oceanic view in a bottle. The students of class 4 designed a Stylus from the materials available at home that can used on touch screen devices thus enriching them with the knowledge that science is around us. The students of class 5 conducted various experiment on the concepts learnt in science and enjoyed the presentation on the latest inventions and discoveries. Truly the science day emphasised that, ‘Everything is theoretically impossible until it is done.’

Marathi Bhasha Diwas - 27th Feb 2021

मराठी भाषा गौरव दिन कलासक्तता उत्साहाची, रुपखणी तो साज , लोककलांच्या मैफिली वाजे, नृत्याची पखवाज ! अशी ही समृद्ध मराठी भाषा म्हणजे महाराष्ट्राची मायबोली! प्रसिद्ध साहित्यकार विष्णु वामन शिरवाडकर यांचा जन्मदिवस (२७फेब्रुवारी) “मराठी भाषा गौरव दिन “ म्हणून साजरा केला जातो. मराठीतील लोप पावत चाललेल्या लोककलांची ओळख नवीन पिढीला करून देण्यासाठी “श्री श्री रविशंकर विद्यामंदिर , मुलुंड” येथील विद्यार्थी –विद्यार्थिनी बहारदार कार्यक्रम सादर करीत आहेत.

Community Helpers Day (Nursery - 12th February 2021)

Community helpers are the individuals who live and work in our community and ensure that the community stays healthy, safe, happy and make our lives easier by providing us with goods and services. Nursery tiny tots of SSRVM Mulund celebrated community helpers day by dressing as one of the community helpers like doctor, teacher ,barber, painter etc .Children also enacted and spoke few lines about them .Children performed their roles happily and told that they were proud to be dressed as community helpers and later children showed gratitude and respect towards community helpers for their contributions towards society.

Republic Day 2021

Every year on January 26, India celebrates its Republic Day. The historic day commemorates the date in 1950 when the Constitution of India came into force after the country gained independence from over 200 years of British rule. This iconic day was celebrated virtually for students of all grade.

International Day of Education, 24th January 2021

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.” Malala Yousufzai The purpose of the day is to create awareness among the people about the importance of education and the power that it holds. Education is a human right, a public good and a public responsibility – with this thought in mind, we at SSRVM celebrated this day to instil in the young minds the need to broaden our horizon and to envision a country, a world ‘where knowledge is free’. The day is a celebration of the role of education for peace and development. This year’s theme was ‘Recover and Revitalize Education for the COVID-19 Generation’. To reiterate this idea, a video was shown where the evolution of education over the years was presented. We have noted that the means of education might have evolved but the essence behind education remains the same, i.e., to be a better human being.

National Girl Child Day, 24th January 2021

I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world- Malala Yousafzai The purpose of the day is to spread awareness among the people about the inequalities, girls face in India. It also aims towards promoting awareness about the rights of the girl child and to increase awareness on the importance of girl education, and their health and nutrition. To drive this concept to the Srisrians, an eye-opening video that pays tribute to the Indian women of mettle of yesteryears, whose significant contributions to our country have not been forgotten, and an informative ppt that highlighted importance of education and the emancipation of girls, were shown. SSRVM, Mulund celebrated the women ‘heroes’ like Madam Bhikaji Cama, Kasturba Gandhi, Begum Hazrat Mahal, Sucheta Kriplani, Durga Bhai Deshmukh and Medha Patkar to inspire the young minds and aspire them to become the role models. The young saplings learnt that gender should never bar them from achieving something, one has to work with courage and determination and be a good human and an ideal citizen.

Makar Sankrant Celebration - 14th January 2021

"The greatness of a culture is found in its festivals". Makar Sankranti is one of the important festivals of the Hindu religion that is celebrated with great joy and happiness. Makar Sankranti is known as Pongal in South India, Uttarayan in Gujarat, Bihu in Assam and Lohri in North India. Makar Sankranti is all about prayers, sweets, and kites. The festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in all parts of India. Different parts of the country celebrate this festival differently and call it with different names. Also, the custom of each and every region is different and each region celebrates it with their respective customs. But the ultimate aim of the festival remains the same throughout the country - that is spreading prosperity, togetherness and joy. The festival was celebrated virtually with great gusto and enthusiasm by our children of SSRVM.
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Pre- Primary - Grandparents' Day - 7th January 2021

Grandparents are blessings in our life. Not only do they spill pearls of wisdom but also fill our lives with abundance of love and care. The feeling of being around them cannot be described through words. The love and affection shed by grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren. The bond between grandparents and grandchildren cannot be described in words. Grandparents do not only inculcate good habits and moral values in the kids but also become their best buddies when it comes to having unlimited fun. On 7th January, PrePrimary section celebrated Grandparents and Virtual field trip . Grandparents were welcomed by their grandchildren by applying chandan tilak on their forehead, they also participated in games, danced with their grandchildren and did ramp walk too. They even enjoyed watching virtual field trip and even shared their experiences and enjoyed the event.

Christmas Celebration - 23rd December, 2020

Srisians ringing in the last festival of the season - Christmas with dance, music, carols and games. A delightful video compilation of students presenting stories on birth of Jesus Christ, short film adaptation of a classic Christmas tale - Santa Never Forgets! And of course what's Christmas without singing carols and dancing to the beats of the iconic 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' song. Also, do not miss out on our Santa's message to celebrate Christmas keeping in mind everyone's health and safety.

Fit India School Week 14th December to 22nd December,2020

‘The body achieves what the mind believes’. In an attempt to promote fitness among all students, SSRVM Mulund celebrated the Fitness Week in the second week of December 2020 (14th Dec – 22nd Dec) as a part of Fit India Movement. The prime objective of this initiative was to make students physically more active and understand the importance of fitness. The Fit India School Week 2020 program was conducted from Class 1 to Class 10. The program included various activities which aimed at not only physical fitness but also on the well-being of the students. The various activities that were conducted included yoga, free hand exercises, fun and fitness, virtual challenges, poster making, presentation on diet and nutrition during pandemic and many more.

Mathematics Day - 22nd December 2020

To kindle the inquisitive mind and encourage them to explore, SSRVM, Mulund paid a tribute to the mathematical minds of the country by holding National Mathematics day on 22nd December virtually. The main objective behind the celebration is to raise awareness among people about the importance of mathematics for the development of humanity. Several initiatives are taken to motivate, enthuse, and inculcate a positive attitude towards learning mathematics among the younger generation of the country. Interesting and fun filled activities that would nudge the students to explore and examine the numbers, were conducted apart from the power point presentation that highlighted the importance of mathematics in our life. For the lower grades caterpillar activity to teach the concept of ordinal numbers, multiplication activity using pulses and paper strip, division activity using bangles and pulses to teach grouping and sorting were conducted. The higher grades had fun playing with numbers through magic square and puzzles. Mathematics has a unique beauty and is the purest form of truth. If studied the proper way, it can be quite beneficial to everyone. Not only does it increase one’s analytical skills but it also has immense applications in almost all the activities that we do in daily life. By devoting a day to mathematics, we can go a long way in bridging this gap of understanding and applying mathematics. The day concluded with Shakuntala Devi’s words resonating through the virtual walls- "Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers." -
29. Mathematics Day_3.jpeg

Project Day - Anveshak 19th December 2020

Students of SSRVM Mulund proved that nothing can stop a true seeker and explorer. Anveshak (Seeker), the Virtual Project Day was held on 19th December 2020, for students of classes 1 to 8. While the audience was truly taken across the world and beyond with the chosen themes in the Primary Section: Class 1: Festivals across the World Class 2: The Story World Class 3: The World of Emotions Class 4: Inventions – Today and Tomorrow Class 5: Space and Beyond. Students of Class 6, 7 and 8 were brilliant in their own focus areas as they delved deep and went beyond the subjects in their curriculum for their project presentations.
28. Project Day _4.jpg

Crazy Hair Day -Pre Primary_18th December, 2020

Amidst the online routine, the Sr. K.G. parents showcased their creative talent and celebrated the Crazy Hair Day on 18th December, 2020 wherein they used their styling skills to create funky and crazy hairstyles on their children. It was a visual treat to watch the parents participate with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. All the children were very happy and enjoyed the fun filled Day.

Anti Corruption Day - 9th December

SSRVM students raised their voice against #Corruption through short dramas & elocution. The voice of the budding generation matters, as their thoughts and values define the strength of the nation emerging in future. #AntiCorruptionDay #anticorruptionday2020 #anticorruption

Blue Day - Pre- Primary 9th December

Class - Nursery Colours are the smile's of nature. The motive of celebrating a colour day is to make the kids aware of the different colours they see around them, it's significance and also to develop the fine motor skills in the students through various activities. Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea. It symbolizes loyalty, strength and wisdom. The Pre-primary section of SSRVM Mulund celebrated 'Blue Day' on 7th and 9th December 2020 respectively. It was indeed a visual treat to see our little angels dressed up in different shades of blue carrying their favourite blue colour objects. All the toddlers were very happy and enjoyed the various fun-filled activities such as bluebird, sail boat and aquarium making through art and craft and clay modelling activities. The excitement and active participation in a variety of hands on activities related to the identification of blue colour reinforced the concept of colour in children. It was a pleasant and a cool blue day for the little ones and by the end of the blue day celebration all the kiddos cherished their fascinating art work with a big smile.

World soil day - 5th December

“To Forget how to Tend the Soils is to Forget Ourselves” World Soil Day is celebrated to focus the attention on the importance of healthy soil and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources. Soil acts as a pantry for plants, storing and cycling essential nutrients and minerals that plants need to grow. If we destroy the soil, we destroy ourselves. Let’s keep soil alive, protect biodiversity.

Medha and Kaushal 2020

Medha and Kaushal 2020 – The two impressive and grand Inter-School e-events organised by SSRVM, Bangalore North and South were a great platform for children to exhibit their talent and creativity.

Zenith - 2020

Zenith is an Annual Cultural Fest hosted by Lilavatibai Podar High School which offers a wide spectrum of events that aims to provide all-round exposure. SSRVM, Mulund Covers Zenith 2020 with a newsletter designed by the students of class IX.
ZEN13_Zenith Gazette_page-0003.jpg

SMUN 2020 - 28th - 29th November, 2020

SSRVM Mulund began this wonderful Saturday to it's 4th SSRVM MODEL UNITED NATIONS. The guest for session was our ex student Eshan Kotian (also head boy YEAR 2015-16). Eshan Kotian himself is a MUN enthusiast and serves as the Director of the Flagship Division at I.I.M.U.N., (India’s International Model United Nations) with experience working on projects in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. He is fuelled by his passion for learning foreign languages and understanding world cultures. Currently a final year student of Journalism at the H.R College of Commerce and Economics, Eshan plans to foray into the field of international relations and journalism in the future. Our guest inspired the participants with his inspiring speech giving an insight into his journey of MUN participation and experiences.

Cyber Security Workshop 28th November,2020 Class 7 and 8

This year, we have witnessed rapid adoption of digital channels (in the form of online education and access to digital media for learning) in a very short span of time by the teachers and students. We realised that cyber security awareness is more critical now than ever before. Hence we invited Cyber security professionals, Ms. Megha Joshi and Mr. Uma Sundhar from KPMG, to conduct an "Online Cyber security awareness programme" in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund on 28th Nov 2020 for class 7 and class 8 students over Zoom platform. They guided the students on various topics like 1. How to protect your identity online 2. Phishing 3. Safe use of Social Media 4. Social Media - Do's and Don'ts 5. How to use phones smartly 6. How to deal with GPS 7. How to identify fake Apps

Constitution Day - 26th November 2020

As a part of Constitution day celebration, at SSRVM Mulund arrangement had been done to conduct various activities in the online class ranging from giving information to the students regarding the Constitution through presentation, sharing interesting facts about the Constitution, to carrying on hands on activities in classes from 1 to 10. A special morning assembly was conducted on the significance of the Constitution Day as well as to reiterate the great work done by the revered members of the Constituent Assembly. The assembly commenced with the information given on the significance of the Constitution Day. The activities conducted were as follows –reading of the Preamble to the Constitution, making cut outs of national symbols, tri coloured head band making and student posing with the head band, Quizzes, making Indian tricolour with ice cream sticks, conducting role play of leaders who were the framers of the Constitution. The students were briefed about significance of Constitution. The students were made aware of the fact that the constitution is an inbuilt trait in each one of us right from our childhood, long before we actually learnt about Constitution of India. All the students and teachers reaffirmed their commitment to the Indian Constitution by taking the pledge. The students were urged to abide by the constitution and feel proud to be a citizen of a great country.
23. Constitution Day_3.jpeg

Pink Day - Pre-Primary - 26th & 27th November 2020

“The good effects of pink kindles friendship, harmony and affection…!!” The Pre-Primary Section of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir School celebrated Pink Day on 26th and 27th November, 2020. It was wonderful to see our children bloom and blossom in different shades of pink. The young ones came dressed in pink colour. All the pink colour objects were displayed in the class and children were introduced to different shades of pink. Charts were decorated with posters of bunny, lotus, dragonfruit, flamingo, rose depicting the impact of pink colour in our lives. The tiny tots participated in a variety of hands on activities related to the identification of pink colour. Clay Modelling and Candyfloss making activities reinforced the concept of colour in children. The aim of the activity was to make the young ones identify pink colour in the objects they see around them. Children were explained that pink colour signifies love, beauty and kindness. They were excited to learn that pink colour could be obtained by mixing red and white. With all the kids in high spirits, the overall atmosphere was filled with excitement as well as elation. The blooming buds enjoyed a lot and simultaneously understood the aesthetic sense of pink colour. It was indeed a visual treat to witness little ones glowing in pink. Thus, the purpose of celebration of pink colour day was fulfilled. Play

Diwali Celebration - 12th November- 2020

Diwali is the occasion to spread light and happiness in the lives of people around us. This year, we decided to guide children in making beautiful lanterns. The students were also made aware of the ill-effects of bursting crackers and how to have a happy and colourful Diwali without them.
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-04 at 9.21.27 PM (2).jpeg

Non- Flame Cooking - Pre - Primary - 22nd Oct, 2020

Our kids of SSRVM wore their chef caps to exhibit their culinary skills in Non flame cooking activity. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm . Different food items were made without using fire. The event not only provided a platform for the kids to foster their creativity but also helped them explore more and discover new areas of interest.

Virtual Navratri Celebration - Pre- Primary to class V -22nd October, 2020

In India all the festivals are celebrated with so much excitement and energy like every day is a new celebration . So today at SSRVM we celebrated Navratri with great enthusiasm with our little ones. Our kids were looking so vibrant and beautiful in their traditional attire. Teachers explained them the importance of this festival .Our little ones were very happy to make toran using paper leaf and paper flowers , the final product turned out to be amazing. Dancing on beats of music they performed Raas garba. They also danced using their colour dandiya sticks . Thus this festival was celebrated with great joy and reverence giving the message of victory over evil.

Purple Day - Pre Primary 5th October, 2020

Colours always fascinate us. It enlivens our environment and is an integral part of our life. Purple Day was celebrated in Pre -Primary section on 5th October 2020 to make the little kids aware about colours and how they add beauty to things around us. Purple the colour that represents the future, the imagination and dreams, spiritually calming the emotions was thoroughly enjoyed by our little ones. All our tiny tots were dressed in shades of purple and displayed different purple objects. Teachers also accompanied them by wearing purple dresses. Our little buds from nursery did balloon dabbing on the picture of brinjal , our section kids showed their creativity by colouring and sticking cutouts of paper to make a fish and our kids enjoyed drawing bunch of grapes by tracing circular object,drawing the stem and leaf and colouring it. Purple day celebration prompted the young ones to think how colour enhances and influences our lives. It turned out to be a remarkable day filled with fun and enthusiasm.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - 2nd October, 2020

To spread a smile, for a smile is the beginning of love. In keeping with the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary, our students took part in the special assembly and performed role plays by dressing up as Mahatma Gandhi and rendering his speeches. SSRVM, Mulund walked in his footsteps by preparing the Srisrians to follow his principles of Ahimsa, Satyagraha and Satsang. An inspirational video, a storytelling round and the singing of Bhajans brought the programme to an effective conclusion. One could feel a ‘Mahatma’ being born in every twinkling eye and an intriguing mind; a leader born out of Bapuji’s principles.
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-01 at 4.23.22 PM.jpeg

Fit India Freedom Run 22nd August, 2020 to 30th September, 2020

The Fit India Movement is an initiative taken to bring the nation on a path of fitness and wellbeing. The Fit India Movement provides various programs which help us to be fit and have a healthy lifestyle. As per the directives from Government of India and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports we had to organize FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN for students between 15th August 2020 to 2nd October 2020. Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund organized the SSRVM Freedom Run for its students from 22nd August to 30th September following all the norms of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students were informed about all the guidelines and instructions to be followed for participating in the event. Students participated with enthusiasm showcasing their fitness and endurance under the supervision of their elders. On completion of the event, students were awarded with E-Certificate for their active participation in the event. The school also received an E-Certificate for organizing the event.

Hindi Diwas - 14th September, 2020

प्रत्येक वर्ष की तरह इस वर्ष भी हमारे विद्यालय में हिंदी दिवस का आयोजन किया गया परंतु इस वर्ष ‘ऑनलाइन’द्वारा ही कार्यक्रम का आयोजन किया गया । इस कार्यक्रम का आयोजन ‘असेंब्ली’(सभा) के माध्यम से प्रस्तुत किया गया । जिसके अतर्गत कक्षा पहली से दसवीं के बच्चों ने हिंदी का महत्त्व बताते हुए अनेक कार्यकम प्रस्तुत किए । जैसे – कक्षा नौवीं व दसवीं के कार्यक्रम का ‘थीम’ (विषय) धारावाहिक ‘खिचड़ी’ को बताते हुए उसके पात्रों के माध्यम से भाषा की सरलता, सहजता,समृद्धि पर प्रकाश डाला गया ।  नीचे दिए गए कार्यक्रम की रूपरेखा कुछ इस प्रकार है - 1. Khichdi serial character’s ( conversation ) 2. Introduction of Hindi – Babuji, praful, Hansa (PPT) 3. Importance of Hindi – Babuji 4. Mahan purusho ki baat 5. Adhunikyug me Hindi ka sthan 6. Poem 7. English word to convert In Hindi 8. Riddles 9. END—Hindi Bhasha bahut he vistrit bhashahai , yeh kisi prakar ka hanker nhi rkhti Sbko apna kar chalti hai arthat Hindi ek khichdi bhasha hai isliye aj humne khichdi serial k madhyam se hindi diwas ka ayojan kiya ..,asha hai sbhi ne iska bharpur lupt uthaya hoga.
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Super Kids and Super Heroes Competition - 31st August, 2020

A fun filled event with good synchronization of music, drama and speech. The competition provided aplatform for the little ones to exhibit their super skills and abilities thereby boosting their self –confidence. The children utilised this opportunity to shine through and spread thought provokingmessages of friendship, kindness, helping each other and spreading smile and love in this pandemic –stricken world.

National Sports Day - 29th August, 2020

“It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.” The National Sports Day was celebrated on29th August 2020. National Sports Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the hockey legend of India, Major Dhyan Chand Singh. He was known as the wizard – magician in the field of hockey. Students were shown a presentation on Major Dhyan Chand and his achievements in his sporting career. The presentation also emphasised on the significance of this day in India. The importance of sports in every individual’s life was also explained. Brief information about Khelo India Movement initiated by Honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi was given and students were encouraged to actively participate in sports and physical activities to keep themselves fit and in sound mind. 'Kheloge kudoge toh banoge lajawab' the motto of the Khelo India programme is apt for all the youngstersas well as old aged individuals.

International Literacy Day - 8th September 2020

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America, once remarked, ‘Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy.’ In keeping with this celebration, a collective contemplation was conducted amongst the students of grades VI-X, eliciting their ideas on the economic and social opportunities available to a literate individual vis-à-vis an illiterate one. The students made a pledge to support literacyamongst the less-fortunate strata of society and extend their helping hand towards thisnoble cause in their own capacity.Activitieslike creating word posters, guessing a word from pictures, designing a bookcovers were conducted to enable the children to assess the prominence of being aliterate in the society. For a nation needs readers and thinkers as rightly said byNelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you canchange the world.”

Virtual Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration - 21st August 2020

It was time for euphoria as we decked up in festive finery to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on the virtual platform this year. Students enjoyed the day with their family members and teachers by chanting hymns, drawing, painting, making eco-friendly idols and narrating stories. The online celebration helped in building group cohesiveness and spread smiles around.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 5th September, 2020

What a teacher writes on the blackboard of life can never be erased. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, our students expressed their gratitude for their loving teachers with great gusto and gaiety. Amidst the global pandemic scenario, our tenth graders made this day eventful by donning the hat of a teacher and organising a myriad of activities for the students of grades 1-8. Inspite of the multitudinous challenges of being on a virtual platform, they put up a spectacular show laden with a plethora of fun-filled activities exhibiting their profound love and respect for their teachers. The virtual show incorporated an array of activities ranging from doodling, antakshari, a fashion show, a quiz to even a rejuvenating Zumba session. This was indeed a unique celebration that will remain etched in our minds eternally. We would also like to convey our deepest gratitude to our PTA members for making Teacher's Day all the more colorful and special for teachers.
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Virtual Radio Jockey Competition - 18th August, 2020

“When you own your voice, you own your power” With this mantra in mind, the Virtual Radio Jockey Competition was organized for the Classes 7 and 8. The participants were expected to use the power of their voice to convey their thoughts on topics which addressed a variety of issues.The competition provided a platform to the students to play with their voice, show spontaneity in thought and speech, display humour, create original content and bring awareness among the general public. The acts put up by each child enthralled the appreciative audience and proud teachers.

Virtual Independence Day Celebration - 14th August, 2020

The Independence Day was celebrated on 15 th August 2020. It was the 74 th Independence Day. The flag was hoisted in the school premises with very limited staff. The celebration was conducted on the virtual platform considering the prevailing pandemic situation. The function started with paying tribute to the Indian tri-colour flag by singing the national anthem followed by the flag song. Students of the secondary section delivered speeches in English, Hindi and Marathi respectively, that arose patriotic feeling amongst each and every individual. Later, Principal Madam addressed the virtual audience with her inspiring words. The celebration came to an end with the national song followed by the vote of thanks. “Don’t be a Patriotic for one day, but be a patriotic from day one.”

Janmashtami Celebration - 11th August, 2020

Unity in Diversity is what our country represents.It is well experienced in the month of August which reflects the celebration of our variety of culture. This unity among the varied cultures, languages, religions makes India an example of cultural brotherhood. The essence of different festivals like Janmashtami ,Independence day, Parsi new year and Muharrum were presented in SSRVM Mulund.
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Virtual Rakshabandhan Celebration- 31st July 2020

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most endearing ways to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. There is little we need to teach our children about fraternity. They excel at looking out for one another, guiding and helping friends and working together towards achieving collective good. Children were dressed to the tee and participated lovingly in making beautiful rakhis under the guidance of their teachers.
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Online Kargil Diwas Celebration - 25th July, 2020

Our students paid a special tribute to commemorate the victory of the Indian Armed Forces in the Kargil War. Students of Grades 1 to 8 indulged in a plethora of activities to show their patriotic fervour. We also had the honour and privilege of welcoming our special guest, Mr. Narendra Paranjape, an Ex-Army man to address the students of Grades 8,9,10 and motivate them further. The true colours of patriotism were on display for all the children and adults to experience and absorb.

Online Van Mahotsav Day - 13th July, 2020

Green Earth, Clean Earth. Look at our students celebrating and counting on to the blessings that trees bring into our life. Students participated in the van mahotsav celebrations by sowing seeds and making posters to promote environmental awareness. The activities instilled in students the importance of growing and safeguarding trees and in developing a loving bond with our green friends.

Virtual Sanskrit Day Celebration - 31st July, 2020

Of all the languages, God’s own language Sanskrit is the mother, divine and the most lyrical language. In Sanskrit, the poetry is melodious, wherein good sayings hold prime position. We devoutly celebrated the Sanskrit Day and engaged the students in many activities aimed to embed the language as a part of their growing years and assimilate the language in their inner consciousness. In keeping the current situation in mind, activities like writing the slogan ‘stay home’ and learning kind words in the divine language, were held to mark the day. The day ended with a mellifluous song, that heralded Sanskrit as Dev vani, God’s language, impelling all to revive the ancient language as it is madhuram and manoharam to hear and to speak.

Varkari Day - Pre-Primary, 1st July, 2020

Varkari is a part of bhakti tradition in Maharashtra. Every year Varkaris walk to the Viththal temple in Pandharpur, gathering there on Aashadhi Ekadashi (the 11th day of the Hindu month of Aashadha). They carry the palakis of the saints associated with the varkari movement. All our tiny tots were traditionally dressed & celebrated this auspicious day with great enthusiasm. They watered tulsi plant, danced to the tunes of bhajans & carried different musical instruments with them.

Tell - A - Tale Competition - 2nd July 2020

Storytelling is a unique human skill which opens up the vivid imaginations that runs wild in children and also boosts their confidence. It amalgamates the art of storytelling with language-based oratory skills. A one-of-a-kind Virtual Storytelling Competition - TELL-A-TALE was organised for the students of Class 5 & 6. The young vibrant storytellers came forth with wonderful tales based on the proverbs and picture collages given to them. While some stories provided food for thought, some reinforced moral values and some were humorous.

Pre - Primary Father's Day Celebration - 21st June, 2020

Father's are the backbone of the family.The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. Father's day is basically celebrated to express the special bond between the child and the father and appreciate his importance in your life. The day is meant to recall, recognize and remember the endless efforts, initiatives and contributions of all the fathers around us. To express their gratitude, love & respect, shining stars of Nursery, Jr kg. and Sr. Kg celebrated this day by doing activities, yoga asanas, dance with their fathers on this special day with great enthusiasm

Pushtivardhanam Saptah - 1st July, 2020

Owing to the pandemic situation, one needs to take care and increase the immunity. Pushtivardhan- Activity 1- The students will prepare a syrup using honey and turmeric with ginger powder. Activity 2- The students will prepare a tablet using jaggery, pepper powder, ghee, turmeric, almond powder. Activity 3- The students prepared a syrup using honey and turmeric with ginger powder. Activity 4- The students prepared a tablet using jaggery, pepper powder, ghee, turmeric, almond powder. The students enjoyed doing the activities. SECONDARY SECTION ( V TO X ) The students enjoyed the following preparations : Activity 1- The students will prepare a decoction(kadha) using dry ginger, pepper, cinnamon, tulsi, lemon and honey. Activity 2- The students will prepare a tablet using jaggery, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger ( all powdered forms).

Online Elocution Competition - 29th June, 2020

Class IX and X An opportunity to speak one's heart out, a chance to display one's histrionic and oratory skills and the prospect of displaying one's talent before an appreciative crowd- this is what the Online Elocution Competition had to offer. The poise and praiseworthy articulation delivered by the speakers made the event a benchmark for the fellow students, providing utmost satisfaction and pride to the teachers.

Virtual Talent Hunt Competition - Class IV, 17th July, 2020

Special efforts were made to tap the talent of Class 4 students who have natural flair for music, dance, drama, art, craft and chanting of shlokas/mantras. We believe that children prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates various talents as experiences leave impressions for the future.

Janmashtami Activity and Celebration

Janmashtami Activity and Celebration - Aug 2019

Online Guru Purnima Celebration

“A guru does not simply stuff you with knowledge but he kindles life force in you”- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Providing guidance and imparting knowledge, a guru is all pervading like the air we breathe. To enlighten the children about the meaning and importance of a guru, SSRVM is celebrating Guru purnima on 3rd July, 2020.


Class- VI and IX ‘A VISIT TO PREMDAAN OLD AGE HOME’ A day of sharing happiness, spreading joy, caring for the seniors, who carry treasures of wisdom along with their age, is a day well spent. The students of classes 6 and 9, spent quality time with the elderly people of ‘Premdaan Old Age Home’, on 17th Oct 2019 to spread the joy of Diwali. After a short prayer, they invited the residents to dance and sing through which the elderly residents expressed their happiness. The students engaged them in mehendi art, painted their nails which brightened their faces. In the end our students gifted them with accessories made out of paper as a parting gift to commemorate the day and made it memorable for them. Truly, the students realized the festive spirit of joy lies in giving and sharing.

International Yoga Day Virtual Celebration - 21st June, 2020

'Yoga is a journey of the self, to the self, through the self.' Keeping this noble intention in mind, the parents, teachers and students of SSRVM, Mulund came together on a virtual platform to celebrate the 6th International Yoga Day. The students from all Classes performed a series of yogasanas under the guidance of our Physical Education teachers on soulful soothing music. Students also took a pledge promising to live a healthy and peaceful life through the consistent practice of yoga.

Republic Day Celebration - 25th January,2020

Republic Day Celebration “Equality may be a fiction but nonetheless one must accept it as a governing principle.”- Dr. B.R Ambedkar To commemorate the historical event of framing of the constitution, all the educational institutions and every Indian celebrate Republic Day throughout the country. SSRVM students from grades 1-7 witnessed the moments of the framing of the constitution by the leaders through a skit. Students also learnt the importance of freedom and the idea of unity regardless of religion, community, language through songs and dances performed by the students. The tiny tots of grade 2 proved their mettle when they raised their voice enacting the role of women of India- Rani of Jhansi and the social worker Sindhu Tai Sapkal. The students with a patriotic fervour spoke about the constitution and its importance in Marathi, Hindi and English, and urged their peers to come together to resolve to become a good citizen of our country. At the Pre - Primary level the Sr. Kg children came dressed in tri-coloured and sang patriotic songs. The Jr. Kg. children performed on medley of patriotic songs. Nursery and jr. Kg children also enjoyed the skit performed by the teachers.

ANVESHAK (Project Day) - Class- Pre Primary and Primary- 8th February,2020

Bringing out effectiveness and innovative ideas was the mantra of our school’s project day. It aimed at making our tiny tots of Pre Primary and Primary section to imbibe learning through models and charts. This day engaged students to synergize experiences and motivate each other in their projects. All the students were given a theme based on which teachers and students laid out fantabulous spread of models and charts using their creativity along with the support of their parents. It helped the students to strengthen their competence to think and analyze on the given topics. It also helped the students to encourage and inculcate scientific and social skills by explaining on the topic they were prepared for, with great pleasure. All the students from Pre – primary as well as grade I to IV had enthusiastically participated to make the day a grand success.

5th International Yoga Day - 2019

Class – Nursery to X 5th International Day of Yoga (21-06-2019) Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. International Yoga Day was celebrated in our School for all the classes from Nursery to Class X wherein students performed various sitting, standing and lying down asanas.
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Navratri Celebration

Class: Nursery, Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg Aarti Thali Decoration and Navratri celebration on 3rd Oct 2019

Market Day - Pre - Primary - 9th January,2020

Market Day at school can be a great way for the children to learn entrepreneurship. A market set up had been displayed where in the children were taught how food grains, vegetables and fruits are grown by the farmers, through lively displays. They were given paper / cloth bags and fake currency notes which they carried along them for marketing experience, where the teachers played the role of vendors. It was great fun and marketing experience for the kids
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World Earth Day 2018-19

World Earth Day was celebrated on Friday 20/4/19 with the theme of the Ban Plastic. The children were made aware of the ill effects of using plastic and its effects on the ecosystem through videos on destruction of marine life due to plastic waste being dumped in the water bodies. Students participated in class wise activities to spread awareness on protecting the Mother Earth and to ban the use of plastic. It was stressed that we must Recycle, Reuse and Reduce the waste to keep the environment clean to avoid global warming.

World Earth Day

Class: I - IV (Primary) World Earth Day Earth day was celebrated on 22-4-19 in the school. By celebrating the Earth day, the students are instilled with awareness for the deteriorating environmental condition and the role they can play in helping and protecting our planet. The students learnt how to conserve energy, save endangered species and gained information on global warming.

Anveshak - Project Day Class V to VIII - 14th December,2019

The Annual project day for classes V to VIII was held on Saturday, 14th December,2019. The objective of the project was to enhance their theoretical knowledge into practical skills. The topics were related to the subjects that they are learning but it was of a higher level, keeping in mind the aim of learning i.e., thinking out of the box. The children showcased their thinking abilities and creativity. One could see in every room children were enthusiastically explaining their project and there was happiness and a sense of achievement on their faces.

Van Mahotsav Celebrations 2018-19

On account of Vanmahotsav Saptah various activities were conducted where in all the students learned the art of creativity, aesthetic, morals, team building, co-operation, optimism which contributed to their healthy and holistic development

World Literacy Day

Class- I to V World Literacy Day 9th September ’19 (Monday) “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world.” On this day students of std I to V prepared a short story from different story books and narrated it in English as well as in their mother tongue. Children learnt the importance of reading and different types of reading. They also understood the importance of learning multiple languages which helps to enhance their vocabulary and refresh the mind. Reading helps to develop knowledge and potential which will also help them to participate fully in their community and wider society.

Lohri Celebration

Pre- Primary - Lohri Celebration on 10th January 2020

Pushtivardhanam Saptah

On account of Pushtivardhnam and Vanmahotsav Saptah various activities were conducted where in all the students learned the art of creativity, aesthetic, morals, team building, co-operation, optimism which contributed to their healthy and holistic development.

Independence Day

Class 8,9 and 10. 73rd Independence Day On the occasion of 73rd Independence Day, the students of classes 8,9 and 10 from SSRVM Mulund celebrated by holding a rally to create and increase the awareness towards the importance of a girl child protection and right to education. They also participated in the noble cause of AnnaDhanam by sharing food packets to the downtrodden and the needy.

World Environment Day

To mark the observance of World Environment Day, various activities were carried out. Students made paint brushes, name plates using twigs, hay, leafs, sow seeds in coconut shell. Did survey on Anti Plastic Resolution, made eye catchy badges for distribution to senior citizens. Students also made paper bags, dust bin bags using newspapers, parcel boxes, bags using old t-shirts and jeans pants which were also distributed to different vendors in market places. Through the aforementioned activities and initiatives, the SSRVM Mulund Family learnt that if we want to improve the quality of the environment, we need to get everybody involved. The students successfully planted the seed of information, with the hope that things will get better, where people have the knowledge, will & commitment.

Blood Donation camp

9th Feb 2019- Blood Donation Camp - ‘There is no great joy than saving a soul’ The blood donation camp was held at Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund on 9th February'19. It was jointly organized by the school and the PTA members of our school. A team of doctors from KEM hospital volunteered for this camp. The students of class eight and a few students of class 9 were allotted different duties during the camp. 167 bottles of blood were donated by the parents and relatives of the students. The collection of blood will help save precious lives of 501 individuals.

Cyber Safety Workshop 2019

For students of Class 7,8,9 Experts from KPMG conducted Cyber Safety workshop for students of class 7,8 and 9 on 11th Oct 2019. They gave following tips to the students on How to remain safe and smart in the cyber world. Summary of KPMG cyber tips 1) Be a friend - not a bully 2) Pause before you post online 3) Don't get played while playing online 4) Online friends are not always true friends 5) Keep your account details private and secured

HARIYALI Plantation Project

15 Students from SSRVM put up a skit on Environment at HARIYALI at Tetvali, Rabale, Navi Mumbai on 2nd October 2019 It was a part of IAHV and VVKI’s unique Plantation CSR Project. Ms. Amruta Fadnavis presided over the event.

Red Cherry Day and Maze Activity

Class : Jr. Kg. and Nursery Red Cherry Day and Maze Activity - Aug 2019

Floral Rangoli

Pre Primary activity - 16th Oct 2019

Blood Donation Camp - 23rd December,2019

‘A life may depend on a gesture from us, a bottle of Blood.’ Keeping this intent in mind, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund organized a Blood Donation Camp on 23rd November, 2019. The SSRVM family, comprising of the teacher and parents came together to donate blood with beaming faces and proud hearts. The brimming buddies too helped in spreading awareness by preparing thought provoking posters. We got an excellent response and the effort was highly appreciated by one and all.


75 students of SSRVM MULUND had participated a full day workshop on making solar lamp at IIT BOMBAY on 2nd October 2019. This workshop was arranged to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and International Day of Non-Violence and at the same time to promote the use of solar lamps as renewable, sustainable and affordable source of light. Through this workshop students learnt about clean energy (solar technologies) to test the technical components and to assemble their own solar study lamp. By making their own solar lamp, the student’s scientific curiosity and hands on learning of technology is stimulated particularly in solar. The participants did a remarkable job.

Dev Vani Mahotsava

CLASS- III To VII DEV VANI MAHOTSAV AND AUGUST FESTIVALS (13-08-2019) The Sanskrit week and August Festivals Celebration was conducted on 13th August, 2019 Students of the grade V, VI and VII actively participated in the assembly which depicted Eid, The Independence Day, Rakhabandhan and Gokulasthami. The children enjoyed the day with various festival songs and an explicit understanding of why these festivals are celebrated was depicted through skits. This was followed by a Sanskrit song performed by grade III and IV, a skit presented on ‘Spoken Sanskrit village’, Sanskrit quiz for the students, important aspects of the sacred books of Sanskrit through the assembly and Model presentation which was planned by Grade VI students which included school model, prayer hall, clothing, market, food plate house classroom forest etc. with Sanskrit name tags on it. Grade V was invited to view the model exhibition in the basement.

My puppet's story

My Puppets Story Competition was held on 28/08/2018 Tuesday. Students of Class I and II brought variety of puppets and narrated value based stories with proper actions and gestures.They were judged on the basis of the content of story, creativity of their puppets and overall presentation of their stories using their puppets. It was a fun way learning of the stories with the puppets.

Master Chef- Fireless Cooking

Class-I to X ‘Master Chef- Fireless Cooking’ ‘Master Chef- Fireless Cooking’ competition was conducted on 10th October, 2019 for Grade 10 and for Grade 1st to 9th on 16th October, 2019. This activity was conducted to motivate and empower students to make a choice of healthy food giving them an opportunity to improve their skills & creativity in their work apart from their academic. The participants prepared varieties of dishes like Healthy Trifle, Edible Diyas, Edible Bombs, Healthy Ladoos, Biscuit Canapés, Tangy Sprouts, Mini Bits, Cake Pops, Chapatti Noodles and many more. Students showed their culinary skills by using their creativity and displayed the dishes. The judges finalized the winners on the basis of certain criteria like savors, healthy ingredients & overall presentation of the dish.

Vasudeva Kutumbakam

Class I to V - September 2019 Event: Vasudaiva Kutumbakam “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, is one of the most famous lines emerging from Sanskrit literature. Vasudaiva Kutumbakam is been taken as a philosophy by our beloved Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, who tirelessly advocates harmonious coexistence among people by spreading the message of love, compassion and non-violence. To inculcate this philosophy among children different activities of stringing the beads and flowers together through which they understood the importance of togetherness and belongingness inspite of our varied culture and pledged to save the Planet Earth.

Reading Month Celebration - 19th June to 18th July, 2020

Ernest Hemingway had once commented, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” What better way to celebrate the indispensability of books in this e-age than to have enthusiastic children drawing their favourite book characters, making creative posters, comic strips, designing cover pages and writing book reviews.Our children took a keen interest in exploring the magical world of books.
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Educational Trip

2017-2018 Udaidpur-Class IX & X

Art Excel/YES Course

2017-2018 : For Students of SSRVM
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World International Yoga Day 2018

International Day of Yoga was celebrated wherein the students and staff members performed various asanas and pranayama.They were also made aware that it is not only about exercise but also to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being.