Principal’s Message

Dear Parents,

A hearty welcome to Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM). It’s a pleasure to give you an insight into SSRVM that stands for value-based and stress-free education, to bring about an all-round development of the personality of each of our students.

Our founder, Pujya Gurudev says “Broaden the vision… Deepen the roots…”. He has also given us the five wonderful aspects of education corresponding to the five elements of nature. This has been the foundation of SSRVM.

Children here are being imparted with an education that reflects the culture and tradition of our place and also enables them to respect and value the culture and religion of other places.

Values such as smile, enthusiasm, joyfulness, creativity, friendliness, helpfulness, sharing and caring are embedded in children at every step. Children learn through activities that improve their perception and observation thereby laying a strong foundation in concepts. Right attitude towards elders, peer and most importantly towards nature are developed in children. Freedom in thought, action, and expression are given to children which enables them to implement new ideas.

Co-curricular activities such as music, folk and classical dance, shloka recitation, art, craft, drawing, taekwondo, sports, and games form an integral part of our curriculum, helping the children to develop a creative bent of mind. Educational field trips and hands-on experiments give the children the right exposure, facilitating them to discover their true potential.

Suryanamaskar, yoga, prayers, and bhajans help the children become aware of their emotions, making the mind alert and body light. A celebration of festivals, annual day, sports day and other occasions develop a sense of belongingness towards all.

Our qualified teachers are specially trained to make learning a joyful experience for children, enabling them to blossom with a smile, nurturing values in them at every step and developing a passion to excel.

Jai Gurudev

Mrs. Tini Binu