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2017-2018 : For Students of SSRVM
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2017-2018 Udaidpur-Class IX & X

SEVA for Bankers

Social Empowerment through Value-based Action... It’s Payback Time! The students of SSRVM Mulund found it imperative to express their heartfelt gratitude to the unsung heroes of today- the bank employees. With the upsurge of demonetization taking a toll on these stoic executives, the students considered it their social responsibility to alleviate the stress that continues to mount over the shoulders of the bank employees. On December 1, when the students of Class X visited a bank branch in the vicinity, the keenness among the employees took them by surprise. The executives were guided through the course of ‘Sukshma Yoga’ by the students. Soon, the employees were treated with a guided meditation process in the voice of our beloved Gurudev. A place that had been struck by an inescapable pandemonium over the last few weeks, was now transformed into a tranquil and unperturbed environment. The bankers were offered Ojasvita, a health drink, while a few decided to share their experience after the meditation. Several music and meditation CDs from the Art of Living Organization were circulated among the executives. What truly relieved these heroes from stress were the special hand-made greeting cards and flowers gifted to them by the juniors of the school. So much so, that some of the employees even had tears in their eyes. What marked the end of the rendez-vous was a standing ovation from the students to the entire team of bankers and a thoughtful gesture from the bank in rendering their appreciation to the students. For the students, this was an opportunity to take responsibility for the welfare of others and thereby learn what it takes to be responsible citizens and managers. The true worth of education is the promotion of responsible behaviour towards all stakeholders. These behaviours cannot be inculcated exclusively through classroom instruction; practice and reflection are critical.